This is a close-up of the dainty flowers of the yellow foxglove, Digitalis lutea. Much more subdued than its brash purple cousin it is lower growing and quite slender. Whilst it doesn’t immediately catch the eye, once noticed it is worth close inspection.




I have to say that I am not particularly fond of moths (or butterflies) but I can appreciate their subtle beauty, and this grey specimen sitting on the house wall in the evening caught my eye. After some internet searching I believe I have identified it as a Grey Dagger or Acronicta psi. Of course, I could easily be wrong, there are so many different moths out there.



This is the wonderful climbing honeysuckle “Graham Thomas”, with gentle yellow and white flowers that darken with age. The scent is amazing, the typical heady sweet honeysuckle aroma but stronger, and maybe with just a hint of citrus. We have two large plants in the garden and they are at their best in the evening and early morning. I am hoping to grow one around our back door as our bedroom is directly above and it would be marvellous to have the perfume drifting into the room overnight.



About three miles from home there is a field completely full of poppies. I can just see it from my bedroom window and it looks as though someone has laid a sheet of scarlet silk over the land. On closer inspection the plants are spaced further apart but the effect is still quite magical. This year, more than any other, there seems to be poppies everywhere, but nowhere have I seen a field so vibrant as this one.