This lovely Lacecap Hydrangea, Hydrangea macrophylla normalis, is currently flowering outside our dining room window. The flowers are a gentle pink with the centre tinged blue. I’d love to be able to grow really striking blue hydrangeas but since our soil is alkaline we must settle for pink, but I’m more than happy with this one.




I photographed this gargoyle in the stonemason’s yard at York Minster. There is an on-going programme of renovation at the Minster, replacing crumbling masonry and carvings with new copies. I think it is wonderful that there are such skilled and dedicated people out there capable of recreating the marvels of the past, and I admire them greatly.

This smiling lion-faced gargoyle was placed in the fenced off yard for passers-by to admire.



I love orchids, and have a few of them in my house. No longer the expensive rarities they used to be, there are modestly priced orchids available all year round to suit most budgets and are easy to care. This is a lovely strident purple and white Phalaenopsis blooming happily, and for a long period, in my dining room.