This attractive black and white moth had spread its wings on the inside glass of our greenhouse. And it stayed long enough to be photographed.



I have a number of pictures planned to put up on the blog, but unfortunately my computer/internet access/gremlins have been refusing to cooperate for the last few days. This is particularly frustrating since I have only just got back into the swing of posting. But, all I can say is, normal service will be resumed once I have managed to sort out the technical difficulties.





Brodsworth Hall is a 19th century mansion near Doncaster and Barnsley and is, in estate agents’ parlance, in need of repair. Owned by English Heritage the Hall is currently undergoing some necessary maintenance and refurbishment although, to be honest, it isn’t a particularly handsome abode. The gardens, however, are spectacular with lots to see with rock gardens, rose arbours, topiary and colourful bedding displays – to name but a few. Brodsworth is well worth a visit just for the gardens, but the house does hold some interest particularly if you enjoy gloomy Victorian architecture. The above shows the splendid laburnum arch.



This is the oldest cactus in my collection. I must have had it about 25 years now. And until last year it resided sullenly it a pot. However, last year it was planted out into my new cactus garden and, oh, how it has grown. But this gem has always flowered and this year is no exception. Golden flowers adorn this Rebutia in abundance.