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As part of the celebrations for the 800th anniversary of the signing of the Magna Carta, Salisbury (and also Lincoln) has a number of decorated ‘Knights’ dotted throughout the city. Much to my delight on our visit there we discovered this wonderful Knight depicting the late Sir Terry Pratchett (my favourite author) and some of his amazing Discworld characters, all wonderfully realised by the very talented Paul Kidby.

I spent quite some time picking out the individual characters, and since I am re-reading all of the books they are all very fresh in my mind. The photographs show the Knight from all angles – just to make sure I caught all the characters – and the front is a portrait of the great man himself.

The statues will be sold later this year, and I am sure this would look fantastic in my garden, but alas, I doubt I could afford it!




On our recent break we visited the English Heritage Castle of Farleigh Hungerford in Somerset, and in the chapel we found this gem; a medieval wall painting of St George and the dragon.



The East cost of Yorkshire is one of the area where fossils are relatively easy to find. Not  huge dinosaur bones, although sometimes it is possible to discover the remains of marine reptiles, but the more delicate and intricate sea dwellers such as ammonites and belemnites. This easily overlooked artistic celebration of the area’s pre-history can be found on a slipway on the quieter side of Whitby  harbour off the East Pier.



These gorgeous floor tiles are still in situ at Byland Abbey. Although they are now out in the open and exposed to the elements they would once have been under the vast canopy of the Abbey buildings and walked on by the monks who lived and worshipped there. I have never seen so many Medieval floor tiles in one place outdoors (this is not the only area of the Abbey with tiles) although they can often been seen in our cathedrals.

Byland Abbey in is North Yorkshire and looked after by English Heritage. (And there is a wonderful pub/inn across the road serving fantastic cakes!)