Not the view through my own window, alas, but this delightful setting is in Gainsborough Old Hall, a beautifully maintained manor house in Lincolnshire owned by English Heritage.

I have some lovely photos from our latest visit to the Hall, we have been quite a few times, and with luck I’ll be able to post a few in the not-too-distant future although we still have internet issues (no signal at all for most of yesterday) and I’m still in the slow process of transferring data from the old, tired computer which is unwilling to cooperate much of the time.

Hope they will be worth the wait!




This archway lies inside the grounds of Bolsover Castle, an impressive early 17th century castle built over the site of an earlier mediaeval fortress. The castle dominates the skyline as you approach the small town of Bolsover, and would undoubtedly have been more impressive during its heyday when it was owned by the Cavendish family.



The ruined Rievaulx Abbey in North Yorkshire, an English Heritage property. This was one of the earliest Cistercian abbeys to be founded in England. The first buildings were of wood in 1131-2 although in 1135/6 the stone structures were started. Expansion and remodelling continued through the next few hundred years until the Dissolution and sale to the Earl of Rutland in 1538 who stripped the buildings leaving a ruin behind.