Created with Nokia Smart Cam

I haven’t been posting lately, life gets in the way sometimes, so the camera has been pretty much mothballed. This shot, of an early morning start to a hike in Derbyshire’s Peak District three weeks ago, was taken with my phone camera. It turned out far better than I had expected it to. The fog and mist, which was very widespread, soon melted away to leave a clear, crisp autumn day, perfect for a walk.




The barley in the field behind our house isn’t ripe yet, but it is looks very inviting; soft and green. Not until you get closer do you realise that the long hairs are really quite coarse and rough on your fingers.



About three miles from home there is a field completely full of poppies. I can just see it from my bedroom window and it looks as though someone has laid a sheet of scarlet silk over the land. On closer inspection the plants are spaced further apart but the effect is still quite magical. This year, more than any other, there seems to be poppies everywhere, but nowhere have I seen a field so vibrant as this one.