DSCF2913The starburst petals of Geranium x oxonianum Thurstonianum are unusual and quite discreet amongst mounds of green foliage but are pretty nonetheless.




Back to my favourite type of flower again, the hardy Geraniums, or Cranesbills. This dark eyed beauty with the sweeping lashes is Geranium procurrens. It flowers profusely throughout the year, but it does have the drawback of being a little too enthusiastic if you don’t watch it. It will weave and ramble through other plants rooting whenever a node touches the soil so you can eventually have a garden full of them and little else. Every autumn I go through my garden pulling out unwanted plants, but I have to keep a few!





I love hardy geraniums (cranesbills) and have many different varieties in my garden, but this one has to be my all-time favourite. Geranium wallichianum ‘Buxton’s Blue’ (or Buxton’s Variety) has a rich blue outer ring surrounding a white centre with stunning dark stamens. It flowers late in the year when many other flowers have given up but it would still stand out if there was a lot of competition around. It is best grown from seed as it doesn’t like having its roots disturbed, but any initial problems with germination are soon forgotten as it repays the debt year after year.