I know, this is a spring photo of bluebells and now we are into autumn with the nights drawing in and the evenings turning chilly, but I found this picture and it made me smile.




On a short break back in July we managed a long-overdue visit to Stonehenge. We went early, beating most of the crowds that thronged the visitor centre and ferry-busses later in the day. It was chilly and murky, but the walkway around the ancient site gave the impressive iconic view (above) although the path is closer to the stones at the far side (below) whilst keeping the immediate area directly around the site protected. Strangely it isn’t as big as I had imagined, but impressive nontheless. English Heritage have done an excellent job with their new visitor centre (the 360 degree all-seasons panorama well worth seeing) and in maintaining and running this World Heritage Site. And for us the bonus was free entry as we are English Heritage members!





It has been a pretty grim few months, hence the severe lack of posting on the blog, which meant, amongst other things, that our planned holiday to Scotland had to be cancelled. Eventually, though, we did manage a few days away in Wiltshire where we visited the famous pre-historic sites and a couple of the cities.

Here is one of the tiny side streets in Bath, close to the cathedral and just off a square with a beautiful tree whose branches almost fill the entire space. It was a very busy day but this little street was quiet and would still be familiar to Jane Austen and her contemporaries.




The slightly fragrant, pale blue flowers of this hybrid variety of the hardy Polemonium, or Jacob’s Ladder, make their first appearance in the garden in Spring, but manage to keep on flowering into Summer too.