We have recently had our fair share of snow here in the Midlands of England, and I was well and truly caught out when I left home in an attempt to catch a train to see my daughter at university. I never made it as far as the station and, having no other alternative, ended up having a long trek home through ever deepening snow. No camera with me, alas, but my phone turned out to be more than useful when I captured this shot about a mile from home.




Created with Nokia Smart Cam

I haven’t been posting lately, life gets in the way sometimes, so the camera has been pretty much mothballed. This shot, of an early morning start to a hike in Derbyshire’s Peak District three weeks ago, was taken with my phone camera. It turned out far better than I had expected it to. The fog and mist, which was very widespread, soon melted away to leave a clear, crisp autumn day, perfect for a walk.