This is a perennial variety of the Osteospurmum or Cape Daisy. I’ve had it in the garden for years but it had become swamped by more vigorous plants. So I moved a tiny shoot to a new, clear spot and it’s rewarding me now with lovely sun-facing flowers.





Yes, there is more than one crocus here, so strictly speaking it is a photo of crocuses, but that is such an awkward word. And I know they aren’t pure white, they have a rich yellow centre, but that just seems to make them look happy – insofar as a flower can appear happy!



Every Christmas I used to buy my late father a neatly packed Hippeastrum bulb, which he would nurture with great delight until it produced its huge, startling flowers to brighten up the Winter window-ledge. This year I decided to buy one for myself (my daughter bought one too) and I was duly rewarded with seven stunning white flowers that, although they didn’t last long, became a very showy focus for a couple of weeks.


This is a simple flower from a Mock Orange shrub – Phiadelphus aurea.  This shrub is mainly grown for its bright golden/green leaves yet I find that the wonderful perfume from the flowers fills the garden on most days. In fact, I find it has a better scent than the more popular and supposedly better varieties.