Brodsworth Hall is a 19th century mansion near Doncaster and Barnsley and is, in estate agents’ parlance, in need of repair. Owned by English Heritage the Hall is currently undergoing some necessary maintenance and refurbishment although, to be honest, it isn’t a particularly handsome abode. The gardens, however, are spectacular with lots to see with rock gardens, rose arbours, topiary and colourful bedding displays – to name but a few. Brodsworth is well worth a visit just for the gardens, but the house does hold some interest particularly if you enjoy gloomy Victorian architecture. The above shows the splendid laburnum arch.




Many years ago we were given a clump of cowslips and we planted them under an old apple tree where they grew moderately well, until the rest of the garden began to grow even better. The vegetation swamped these delicate plants and we thought they had disappeared. Until this Spring when this brave specimen popped up in the middle of the lawn, quite some distance from the original site. It will now be nurtured like the treasure that it is.





A beautiful yellow dahlia grown in the glass house at Lyme Park. Taken with my camera but not by me this time. My talented daughter took this shortly before she went off to university to study Physics, and she has allowed me to use it here.

If you would like to see similar pictures she has taken her work can be found at




This is the absolutely gorgeous yellow flowering current, Ribes odoratum. Whilst the small flowers are certainly pretty enough as they clothe this large shrub it is their wonderful scent that is a winner. Some gardening sites consider the scent to be clove-like but to me it more of a mix of honeysuckle and lily, with some hyacinth thrown in for good measure. In my garden it is planted opposite my back door so I catch the sweet scent whenever I walk out of the house, making a real lift on a dull day.