For those who may be interested in this kind of thing, I’ve added a few details of my cameras.


 My original camera, over 30 years old now, but still a lovely camera, albeit on the heavy side! I would love to be still taking pictures with it now but the cost of film and processing makes it unviable.                                                                                                



This camera belonged to my late father. He took to digital cameras like a duck to water in his 80s, but then he always loved anything technical. This camera, with only 6 mega pixels, wasn’t his first digital, but it was his last. I decided to join the digital age when I found it when clearing out some of his belongings, but it took me the best part of another 12 months to find the SD card to go with it! I now tend to keep it in the glove box of the car so that I can use it ‘on the go’ if I happen to see something worth capturing.


My current camera, a digital bridge and a Christmas present in 2012. I’m still getting used to it, and still haven’t used all the functions yet, but I’m getting there. It has a very useful 14 mega pixels and a versatile lens, though I do miss being able to swap lenses and use various filters as I did with the old Pentax.


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