A sunny day followed by an evening of rain produced a lovely, short-lived rainbow. The full arc was clearly visible, but sadly couldn’t be captured on film in its entirety.




Up on the moors above Howden Reservoir in the Peak Distric my friend and I met this grouse doing its best not to be photographed. After a bit of stalking I managed to capture it, on film, of course. The red eyebrows are clear, but not the white woolley leggings.



Many years ago we were given a clump of cowslips and we planted them under an old apple tree where they grew moderately well, until the rest of the garden began to grow even better. The vegetation swamped these delicate plants and we thought they had disappeared. Until this Spring when this brave specimen popped up in the middle of the lawn, quite some distance from the original site. It will now be nurtured like the treasure that it is.



Prickly Cushion

I have a cactus garden in my greenhouse. It’s fairly new, only about a year old, though I’ve had some of the cacti a long time. Just now some are bursting into glorious flower, yet they are interesting at all times of the year. Here is one, pre-flower, with beautiful white spines in whorls. Sadly, it’s one I don’t have a name for.