I love succulents, I have lots of them lined out by the back door and outside the greenhouse. I like the different colours and types, and that they are low maintenance!


Apologies again for intermittent posting. The above picture was taken on my tablet due to severe computer and internet problems. A new computer has been acquired (though there’s nothing I can do about the lousy internet) so once I have mastery of the new tech I shall (hopefully) be able to upload some photos from my camera.


Prickly Cushion

I have a cactus garden in my greenhouse. It’s fairly new, only about a year old, though I’ve had some of the cacti a long time. Just now some are bursting into glorious flower, yet they are interesting at all times of the year. Here is one, pre-flower, with beautiful white spines in whorls. Sadly, it’s one I don’t have a name for.