It has been a pretty grim few months, hence the severe lack of posting on the blog, which meant, amongst other things, that our planned holiday to Scotland had to be cancelled. Eventually, though, we did manage a few days away in Wiltshire where we visited the famous pre-historic sites and a couple of the cities.

Here is one of the tiny side streets in Bath, close to the cathedral and just off a square with a beautiful tree whose branches almost fill the entire space. It was a very busy day but this little street was quiet and would still be familiar to Jane Austen and her contemporaries.





Looking up into the Lantern at Bolsover Castle, the sun streams through and casts coloured light through the small panes of stained glass. This bright central room is high in the Little Castle and links a number of chambers on this top floor.



This archway lies inside the grounds of Bolsover Castle, an impressive early 17th century castle built over the site of an earlier mediaeval fortress. The castle dominates the skyline as you approach the small town of Bolsover, and would undoubtedly have been more impressive during its heyday when it was owned by the Cavendish family.



The ruined Rievaulx Abbey in North Yorkshire, an English Heritage property. This was one of the earliest Cistercian abbeys to be founded in England. The first buildings were of wood in 1131-2 although in 1135/6 the stone structures were started. Expansion and remodelling continued through the next few hundred years until the Dissolution and sale to the Earl of Rutland in 1538 who stripped the buildings leaving a ruin behind.