Taken last year in the woods at the side of the upper reaches of Derwent reservoir in Derbyshire.




Created with Nokia Smart Cam

I haven’t been posting lately, life gets in the way sometimes, so the camera has been pretty much mothballed. This shot, of an early morning start to a hike in Derbyshire’s Peak District three weeks ago, was taken with my phone camera. It turned out far better than I had expected it to. The fog and mist, which was very widespread, soon melted away to leave a clear, crisp autumn day, perfect for a walk.



The Eryngium, or Sea Holly, is one of the plants I would love to grow in my garden but cannot. Since it needs excellent drainage and full sunshine it cannot cope with my heavy clay soil and the abundance of trees that block the howling winds. However, this plant was one of many growing very happily at Haddon Hall in Derbyshire, its striking metallic blue stems and flowers blending effortlessly in the vibrant borders.



A skilfully constructed Derbyshire dry-stone wall. Despite having no mortar to hold the stones together it will last a considerable length of time, and I so admire the people who continue to practise this craft.

Different areas of Britain have different construction techniques, and the Millennium Wall Project at the National Stone Centre in Derbyshire shows walls from all over the country. If you would like a look, go to this site: